Wednesday, 11 February 2009

So here's the plan, Stan.

Thursday evening, that's tomorrow night I will be brainstorming the hell out of this residual question refining problem, which so confounded me late last year, and has left me wandering around the academic wilderness, looking for a clue. I will be using the no-nonsense brain power of a secret academic who will ask the right questions, and accept no padded answers. Once I have that nutted out, then I can reveal my secret method of advancing my happy regression into creative Kell of the past.

Tangental: I heard a funny story about a company who, for reasons of political correctness, decided to shelve the phrase "brain storm" out of respect for people who have had strokes and other neurological maladies. They now have an "Ideas Shower", which is kinda limp, isn't it?

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