Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Catalyst

My meeting was super, super encouraging. I feel that I have something valid to add to the world, but will need to reconcile my own reflections with the academic writing required for my research to have the appropriate weight. Discuss further with Kate.

HJ and I have launched a new venture to help us both get the creative engines roaring.
Herewith, a few ideas for creative provocations. Dopey or neat, it doesn't matter, as long as it gets things rolling:
• Make a drawing without taking your pen off the page
• Design a tattoo for a biker
• Accidental beauty: photos
• To work and back: A journey
• Draw a map without context of your common paths in the neighbourhood, each path a different colour. Annotate?
• Take 15 pictures holding your camera at arm's length, and without looking through the viewfinder. Crop them to create great compositions or a series.
• Explore red (or yellow, or blue, or grey, etc)
• Create an image of a criminal from the headlines of today's newspaper.
• Pursue a theme: Blushing. Barry Manilow. Hand held. Herbaceous. Dot. Round. (any media - you could think up starting points all day.)
• Create a silhouette landscape by cutting into plain white paper
• Describe yourself, using items from a newspaper or magazine (text, image)
• Describe your favourite smell (any medium)
• Draw a character from a beloved book
• Write an angry letter to the editor
• Take a picture which expresses boredom (anger, anticipation, fear, adoration... etcetera)
• Modify a glamour shot from a magazine using any means at hand.
• Draw someone you haven't met but know through Facebook
• The best robot
• Trace an object sitting on your desk onto paper, and make a portrait out of it
• Write about a regret
• Write a letter to the celebrity you had a teenage crush on (make drawings too)

And some places to steal provocations from:
Learning to Love You More
Post Secret
The Artist's Way (the book has tons of ideas, though I could do without the spiritual shite)

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heather jenkinson said...

you have a knack for this kind of thing, I can tell.