Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Further provocations

• Add weight and age to a model in a magazine using photoshop
• Write the school report of a beloved author
• Draw and name people you see pass you by while sitting in a cafe (or library, or park)
• Express an irrational fear
• Make a pen drawing about a song
• Draw a favourite childhood meal or snack
• Turn a politician in the newspaper into a woman
• Make one image (draw/photograph) to sum up a film
• Draw a teacher you had in primary school
• Secretly draw or write a description of three people you are looking at on public transport or in a cafe
• Design a seal or stamp for your own republic
• Make a collage out of the car sale ads by blowing up or shrinking the copy on a photocopier, cut, arrange, paste.
• Write a haiku about haikus, a limerick about limericks, a synopsis of a synopsis
• Write a restaurant review for last night's dinner

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