Tuesday, 24 February 2009


The session I had with Kate was beyond successful - she really helped me cut through a few of the ideas which I have been circling like a buzzard, and get to some of the core concerns. The feeling was kind of thrilling as these sort of truths came tumbling forth and I rolled form point, to point, to point, forming connections as I travelled.

What has been happening of late is that I have been noodling with the PhD work, riddled by anxiety that I have no core question, or have lost it somewhere in the undergrowth. At the same time, as mentioned, I have become aware that I need to find a way to break back into my old creative habits and processes. Thinking through this, and forming a small organisation to help play games to get my pen moving has been a big part of what I've been doing lately, but I didn't see that they are one and the same thing. I'm trying to find a method I can use to liberate creativity, to excite curiosity, which is what my project has always been about.

So while I've been thinking about these provocations, it didn't occur to me that the provocations, are the work. It makes more sense for me to deal with people dealing with the sense that their creativity has dried up, than pre-teen girls, because what I have been doing, organically, is working through ways to get creativity flowing. Tangental ways, unrelated to the core problem.

So now I have an idea what I'm doing... More soon.

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