Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The initial proposal.

The catalyst: An investigation into participatory creative engagement through the design of a web-based system.

This research aims to investigate, through implementation, modification and reflection, how a dynamic online environment is best designed to facilitate creativity in its users. In doing so, this exploration will traverse connectivity, community, creativity techniques, and the ideal conditions for experiencing ongoing conceptual innovation.

The objective is to build a stimulating construct through which visual artists and designers can regain their creative impetus by responding at will to elemental briefs; tangential creative provocations. The research will work actively through the assumption that the tactile act of generating artwork, unrelated though it may be to the primary objective of the blocked creative concerned, will facilitate further creative generation.

The response of participants will inform the design of the site throughout the investigation, forming a digital sculpture concerning the relationship between inspiration and application – the generation of actual art and design.

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