Thursday, 6 November 2008

Enchanted Cabinets.

"Inexplicable magic tempered only by the brevity of the thrill; for once extracted from the package and examined, the toy always seemed to be substantially less wonderful than it had seemed when sealed. It was as though the box was an enchanted cabinet from a fairy tale – to break the seal was to have much of the magic evaporate. The having of it kills all of the enchantment of the unsatisfied wanting of it. So then I wanted the next toy, because the next time will be different." *

Strawberry Shortcake (for example) is the cabinet where the magic evaporates, and the Lottie Journals are a cabinet where opening the doors reveals an ever expanding world of possibility and creativity because it opens the mind.

A compare and contrast, succeed/fail, good/bad dichotomy is not an important things to establish, but the opposing cabinets is a real difference in outcomes based on the content within.

*Only quoting myself here, from my first chapter.

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