Saturday, 26 July 2008

Re-commencing the work...

When I commenced this work some time ago, I was acting on hunches and observations regarding the changing nature of childhood. Since that time, a lot of comprehensive academic study and governmental focus have centred around the issue, resulting in several thorough texts, more than two public televised debates that I managed to stumble over without paying any particular attention, a probing inital investigation by the Australia Institute, and even an Australian government Senate Committee inquiry into the sexualisation of children. All this is merciful from my perspective because substantiating my general observations had my focus lurching sideways into sociology, communications, journalism, gender and cultural studies, and a variety of other specialisatiuons which are not my own. It is dangerous to drive a vehicle you are not licenced to.

Something I never could have predicted has happened: the central focus of my work has become a hot topic. This gives me the uneasy feeling that there may be little left to mine, or worse, that the issue may become over-exposed before I have an opportunity to propose a solution. Or a part of the solution. Or a part of the cultural change giving a boost to the solution. Or solutions. Digression - but I don't really know whether this exposure is good for my work, or is going to hinder it.

The true challenge for me has been, and continues to be, to remain committed to the practise and theory of design in the context of all this thought and debate. This is the path I have to navigate, and it is un-mapped.

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