Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The two tasks at hand

Coming back to my senses and trying to work out how to proceed with this work I now know that I need to tackle two things at once to get up to speed; My Contextual Analysis and the first chapter.

In terms of the Contextual Analysis, I think that I need to plot the ideas manually. By that I mean that I need to tape cards with brief summaries of the ideas to some poster board, move them around, organise, create groupings or tenets, then parse the order I have created into a clear document, with an easy to follow path through the ideas for the reader. The thing that is presently tripping me up is that the dissparate ideologies come from varied disciplines.

What I need to say is this is way some see this or that issue, through this and that filters, and that is different from this because of that- and all while telling the story clearly.

I'm losing track of the ideas and how they are related, or challenge one another, by trying to mark them in my mind only. Need paper and scissors.

In the meantime, the first chapter is on rails thanks to the framework I created (below) before I went on leave.

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