Monday, 3 August 2009

A few tentacles...

PROVOCATION: Hold a sheet of A4 white paper landscape, and using scissors, cut a landscape across the top of the page, and using negative space, cut detail into the paper. Lose yourself.
WEB: Infinte, looping, scrolling journey across the landscape. Left to right travel, each project abutted against each other to form a continuous journey.

PROVOCATION: Draw and name people you see pass you by while sitting in a café (or library, or park). Draw them as you imagine their nature or personlity to be, using line, shape, or texture to convey the essense of the person.
WEB: Virtual café (or library, or park), in manner of Saul Steinberg. Piece all submissions together to juxtapose interesting characters.

PROVOCATION: Visually express an irrational fear
WEB: Periodic table of the elements of fear.

PROVOCATION: Write an angry letter to the editor
WEB: Typographic exploration of outrage with dynamic text.

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