Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I had a sudden thought last night: I've got to be really careful that when I'm working through this idea, that it doesn't become too distant in tone from the point of origin, which is the correspondance I enjoy with Heather. I wonder whether it's worth trying to define what is good about our discussions about creativity and creative blocks, so that I can always be mindful that my work results in the same feel - the genuine heart, or core of the idea. It really needs to be there. Would this be like catching exotic butterflies, only to pin the to a board, label them, and use them as a dead illustration of the species? Ugh.

Warmth, collaboration, mutual assistance, humour, personality... how do all these things cvreated by design, in a community setting?

How do you build complex systems and imbue them with warmth?

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