Monday, 10 November 2008

Nice third act breakthrough...

Realised last night, after reading first chapter aloud to Jerad, that it really should be sewn together nicely with the idea that my project will seek to position itself at the meeting point of desire for the commercial toys (which is wrapped up in design principles) and my own memories of a chilhood well spent (which delivers the intent and motivation for the piece).

So the plan is:

Intro - Opening thoughts - explanitory comments around the reasons for personal reflection
Action: re-tool

1.1 - Desire and the unsatisfying disconnect between the wanting of a commercial toy/book, and the having of it.
Action: Done

1.2 - What we really did as children and the gift which changed forever the nature of material desires for me.
Action: Done

1.3 - What the nexus between these two ideas means for my project in practice and my goals. Making the creatively inspiring piece have the same lust appeal as the less well intended toys. The key goals, questions and problems to be solved by the generative phase of my work.
Also (perhaps here? Or elsewhere?) an overview of the plan for the chapters to come.
Action: Write

Conclusions - an exiting round up of the concepts and lead-in to next chapter.
Action: Write

I had actually thoguht my work was complete and self-sealing at this point, but this insight now means that I have to re-write orcrystalise section 1.3 to reflect the new clarity I have on the chapter.

Oh... I forgot to mention that I think one of the good lessons here was that explaining my chapter out loud to someone else really helped me to articulate the decisions I'm making as I make them. As it turned out, I asked a lot of "What do you think about..." questions, only to answer them all myself. This really helped crystalise certain ideas for me.

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