Tuesday, 4 November 2008

More sand...

It seems in the writing I'm doing at the moment that small decisions about the direction have big implications for the flow and order of my arguments. I think this may be quite common in writing of this kind, but I do wonder from time to time whether a past version, long saved over, was perhaps better than the one I am currently crafting. I think and think and think and then my brain goes TWANG! and I wonder what I was trying to resolve anyway.

I would very much like the piece to fit into a four part format, but the centre is heavy and oozing like a ripe brie*, and containing it is proving to be a challenge. Is it too florid, or if the development necessary to tell the full story? Splitting it will not work, of that I am sure. I'm working in some images too, just to show the toys I'm talking about.

Wow, I'm really goinjg a bit crazy. there's no solution but to get feedback and move on accordingly. I could see a piece, even this small, not ever being completed. Shaped and re-shaped into infinity, a Japanese gardener raking sand into beautiful designs for the sheer mediation and enjoyment of it. Time to make the final decisions and at least get some guidance.

*Must stop with the analogies. It's genuinely how I think, but god...

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