Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What if?

What if, the data that I collect and sort could not only be visualised, but held? Check out Level-of-Detail Visualization of Clustered Graph Layouts by Michael Balzer and Oliver Deussen This is, like most of the beautiful examples on Visual Complexity (obsession!), is a 2D representation of informational relationships which are best understood, because of their complexity, in 3D. So, the graph itself is either printed, or reproduced on a screen as it is here, and can perhaps even be turned over in the mind by rotating it in space, if it is rendered in 3D. Honestly, I don;t know enough about the form this takes, but it did bring to mind sculptural forms (obviously, I mean it looks like something which rotates slowly in the foyer of an international bank).
I'm wondering, can I represent some things graphically, then stretch a skin over them to give them have a tactile form? Could they be weighty? Light? Fragrant? Textured?
Perhaps the results of research could look like Balance? Mine sure won't, but what if the form can be explored? Heard? Shaken? Stretched?

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