Sunday, 31 August 2008

Biennale... and oh, the possibilities.

I think everyone hated the Biennale - at least in the sunshine on the front steps of AGNSW (Agnes!) people all around me hacked up furballs of distaste, and almost anger, at what they'd just seen. Not me, not this time. I left with my heart literally fluttering in my chest, dying to think about, process and utilise what I'd seen in my own work. It kind of blew my mind, if you want to know the truth. I'll expand tomorrow.

There are ways to make this project not just all that it should be, but more.. beautiful, engaging, enigmatic.

Also: I wanted to wait around for the rest of the day by the phone for Yoko Ono to call from NYC. I would love to talk to Yoko. I was fully prepared to run through the gallery, pushing art patrons asunder if the phone rang.

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