Friday, 19 January 2007

The train.

A few months ago, I decided to take public transport to work, so now I get the train each morning. My hope was that I might be able to observe people a little more - driving is so insular.
Unfortunately, at this stage it seems that my travel route is not populated with many tween girls. I had hoped to be able to observe groups of tween girls having animated conversations about tween girl things in relaxed, naturalistic tween girl setting. Not to be, it seems. No tweeny commuters doing tweeny things.

I know I can learn a lot from Brenda Laurel:

"To be an honest researcher, you must resist the enormous
temptation to interpret as you go in terms of your own
experience and values"
(from "Utopian Entrepreneur")


michael.hill said...

Yes I agree with your observation about the insularity of driving. The task now is to find out where the tweeners hang-out. When I was researching anime culture in Sydney a couple of years ago I found, unexpectedly, large gatherings of students at Kinokuniya bookshop on Saturday afternoons using the shop rather like a library to read the magazines and comics but also to meet and arrange outings with their friends.

Kell said...

I hear you. Kinokuniya is the boss, and I will visit again soon with different set of eyes in my head. You're absolutely right, where are they hanging out?